Essential defines the word essential as that which is “absolutely necessary; indispensable,” and also adds the idea of “pertaining to or constituting the essence of a thing.” In other words, if something essential is missing there is a problem.

While this is certainly true of many areas of life from building buildings to parenting to space exploration, it is especially true of Christianity. It rests on some truths that are so fundamental that if they were missing, Christian faith would cease to be……..Christian. In our denomination we call these things “The Essentials of Our Faith.”

Using Scripture, this series will help us understand why these beliefs are so fundamental to calling ourselves “Christian” and, in addition, how these seemingly basic truths transformed the world.

3 - The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit - John 16. 12-15
4 - The Doctrines of Sin and Salvation- Romans 3. 9-18
5 - The Doctrines of the Church- Ephesians 2. 14-22
6 - The Doctrines of Christ's Return - Revelations 1. 5b-7

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