Onward & Upward:

The Wild & Wonder of Grace

We should be praying earnestly and often for a great many things these days! One thing we should
not be praying for, however, is for a return to normal. Of course we want to see people return to work,
school, and countless other pursuits, but for believers there is no such thing as going back.

The only direction the Lord leads us is forward. By His grace He leads us onward through life, often
using circumstances to shape our character and service of others. Likewise, He leads us upward
toward a greater understanding of His plan and purpose. This is our normal.

Nowhere is this truth more evident than in the life of Joseph. Join us as we walk through the story of
his life in the book of Genesis and discover how God leads us Onward & Upward as we experience
both the the wild and wonder of grace.

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