All In, with Kirk Crossing
10 For Ten 1 (Exodus 20.1-6)
In this first message of the series we’re introduced to the importance of the ten “words” (commandments) that God spoke to his newly rescued people in Exodus 20.  Far from just a simple set of rules, these commands would mark the beginning of his re-creation of them as his people, a holy nation set apart for his glory and purposes.  These commands were not simply a set of religious ‘hoops’ to jump through, they provide the framework in which life is to be lived in relationship with God and with other people.
The first commandment is the foundation for all the rest.  There can be no other god in place of the one true God.  While this is a command, it is also a promise: there is no other God we need; He is totally sufficient for us!
The second commandment prohibits us from making any kind of physical representation of God.  Making an idol only diminishes God, bringing him down into our human religious systems.  He is above all that and should remain that way in our hearts.  Again, while this is a command, it is also a promise: God would provide his own ‘image’.  In Colossians 1.15, Paul reminds us that Jesus IS the image of God!
God’s commandments and laws are not ends in and of themselves.  Rather, they provide the boundaries or framework in which true freedom and abundant life can be lived.