Align: Having A Heart For The Heart Of God
Align: Having A Heart For The Heart Of God
Align 1 - Jonah 1.1-16

In his day, no one knew the heart of God better than Jonah.  Even so, the book that bears his name reveals that his heart was not fully aligned with the God he knew so well.  When God said to go, he ran.  When God said to preach, he objected.  When God chose to forgive, he raged.  In this series, we’ll explore the book of Jonah and learn what it means to align our hearts with God’s.  We must develop a heart for the heart of God.

This first message focuses on Jonah’s response to God’s command to go to the “great” city of Nineveh and preach.  We need to be ‘first responders’ when it comes to God’s commands; we need to respond in obedience when he commands us.  With that in mind, we must become good listeners for the voice of God, we must count the cost (of disobedience), and must remember to revere the Lord.