Align: Having A Heart For The Heart Of God
Align: Having A Heart For The Heart Of God
Align 3 – Jonah 3.1-10

In this part of the story of Jonah, the prophet is given another command to go to Nineveh and declare God’s message to the city.  This time Jonah obeys, even if reluctant to do so.  On the first day of Jonah’s proclamation, the city as a whole repents of its evil doing and seeks the mercy of God.  We note that there is no alignment between us and God apart from repentance.  All through our lives, the Lord is calling us to turn from the things that displease him toward full devotion to Him.

In this message, we discover that true repentance is rooted in the Word of God,  true repentance is an act of faith, and true repentance is met with compassion.