All In.
All In.
ALL IN. - Message 3

This third message in the ALL IN series begins to focus on what it means to be ‘In Christ’.  One of the things we mean by being ‘in Christ’ is that we are to fully know and experience the new-creation life of Christ in us.  When we trust Jesus by faith for our salvation, we are made new (in 2 Corinthians 5.17, Paul calls us a “new creation”).  But what is the nature of this new life?

In Romans 6, Paul introduces us to one of the most important aspects of this new life, what theologians call our ‘union with Christ’.  Before we are ‘in Christ,’ we are ‘in Adam’… that is, we share Adam’s slavery to sin and its consequences;  you could say we have ‘union with Adam’.  But Jesus – by taking on human flesh, living a sinless life, dying in our place, and being resurrected – ended the reign of sin and death that came through Adam.  All who have faith in Jesus are united to him, sharing in his death and resurrection.  The result is that our old ‘Adam’ nature has been taken away and we now have new life and freedom from the mastery of sin.