All In.
All In.
ALL IN. Message #7

This message is the first to address the question of what it means for us as a church to be In The World.  Having worked through what it means for us to be found In Christ and In Community, we now look at what God has called us to do in mission and service for the sake of His Kingdom.

As before, the broad answer to to the question as to what it means to be In The World comes in two parts.  First, to be In The World at Kirk Crossing means to fully know and embrace the new-world mission of God’s Kingdom.  The Bible promises that believers will one day live forever with God in a world of everlasting perfection and beauty.  Those who are in Christ and in community are also a part of God’s larger mission and need to understand and embrace it.  Second, to be In The World at Kirk Crossing means to be actively engaged in personally sharing faith with others and participating in gospel ministry locally and globally.  Each of us is called join into this larger mission of God in very personal and practical ways.

This message from Luke 5.1-11, focuses on Simon Peter and his companions as Jesus called them into ministry.  Jesus produced a miraculous catch of fish in order to teach them that from that point forward, they would fish for people; in other words, they would join Jesus in bringing people into God’s kingdom through saving faith.  They suddenly had a mission, and so does the Church to this day.

In the process of responding to Jesus’ call into ministry, Simon Peter exhibited three crucial characteristics for us to embody as we find ourselves ministering In The Worldobedience, humility, and courage.  As we grow in each of these, we join a long line of people who have changed the world and will continue to do so.