All Together Now
All Together Now
All Together Now (2) – Numbers 7-9

In this second message of the series, we continue to walk in the footsteps of the ancient Israelites and learn about the next key aspect of our identity as the people of God: we are a worshipping people.  Worship is central to the biblical story; sin, in many ways, is the failure to worship God, as God.  Once we’ve been released from the slavery of sin, our number one priority is to worship the Lord as He is meant to be worshipped.

In this message, we learn from the story in the Book of Numbers that worship includes offering, remembering, and encountering.  We must understand ourselves as people who have something (actually many things!) to offer God in worship.  We must also learn that remembering God’s faithful deeds from the past as part of worship helps strengthen our faith in the present.  Lastly, we must remember that God is present in worship so we must prepare ourselves to encounter Him!