All Together Now
All Together Now (3) – Numbers 10-12

In the third message of the series, we discover that the people of God are not only a unique people and a worshipping people, but also a journeying people.  We are headed somewhere and the journey is a huge part of how the Lord shapes and transforms us.  As long as the ancient people of God were encamped at Mt. Sinai, everything was going pretty well… but then they had to start traveling.  The journey itself led to a series of rebellions against the Lord which were met with His anger and punishment.  The three rebellions centered on hardship, hunger, and jealousy and each offers a lesson for us as we walk, All Together Now, in the footsteps of God’s ancient people.

In this message we learn that the journey of the Christian life, especially when understood as a journey we take along with others (the Church), requires three things: perseverance, dependance, and humility.