All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Always And For Everything (3) – Deuteronomy 8.7-20
In the final message of the series, we look at how to grow in gratitude in seasons of blessing. It may sound odd to talk about needing to grow in gratitude in seasons of blessing but it is necessary because times of plenty are often the times we’re in the most danger of forgetting the Lord.
Deuteronomy 8 helps us see some important things we must do in order to make sure we don’t forget the Lord in times of plenty and blessing. First, we need to name our blessings. We benefit from actually listing out all the things we can think of that represent God’s gifts and blessing in our lives.  This can be overwhelming but it reminds us of how good He is.  It also leads us more naturally to offer sincere thanks (‘blessing’) to him.
We also need to offer the gratitude of obedience. Moses was very clear with the people of Israel that it wasn’t enough to simply say thank you to the Lord. We must also walk in obedience to Him; our obedience demonstrates our sincerity and offers the thanks that our words alone cannot.
Finally, we need to wear the right crown. Psalm 8 says that God has, indeed, crowned us with glory and honor; He’s given us a special place in his creation and dominion over it. The danger for us in times of blessing and plenty is that we try to wear HIS crown. While we have honor and glory, it doesn’t originate with us; it is a reflected glory that comes from Him. We are not the rulers of our own lives – He is. So, we must remember our place, live more as stewards than owners of our blessings, and also learn to give generously from what He’s given us.