All In, with Kirk Crossing
Different (10) – Matthew 7.13-20

In this part of the Sermon, Jesus begins his conclusion.  The conclusion begins with two pairs of things: two kinds of gates/roads and two kinds of prophets.  As Jesus brings his sermon to an end, he calls for a response from us.  First, he wants us to understand that there are only two ultimate destinations in life: heaven and hell.  The wide gate/broad road where anything goes leads to destruction.  The narrow gate/road leads to life.  Entering through the narrow gate means putting one’s faith in Jesus alone for entry into God’s eternal kingdom.  The narrow road is the more difficult road but its the one one which God shapes us and prepares us for eternity.

As we walk along the narrow road, we must also beware that false prophets (teachers) will bring messages that tempt us to leave the narrow road for the broad, easy road.  We must learn to discern truth from error and not allow ourselves to be pulled off the path.