All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Faith Steps (1) Genesis 12.1-9
In the first message of the Faith Steps series, we’re introduced to Abram.  Of all the people in the world, he is the one the Lord selected to use in moving his plan of salvation forward.  The Lord called Abram to ‘go’ from his current home, land, culture, extended family, and even gods.  The Lord promised to make him into a great nation, give him a great name, a great blessing, and a great legacy (ultimately, the blessing of salvation that would come to the world through Jesus Christ).
Abram believed the Lord, showing us that the first faith step is just that, belief.  He then showed us the second faith step: obedience.  Once he and his household travelled to the land of promise, the Lord appeared to him and promised him all the land he could see, even though there were other people living in it (the Canaanites – a people known in Scripture for their wickedness).  Abram responds by building altars to the Lord and worshiping him (a third faith step!).
In this opening part of Abram’s story, we learn several lessons about faith: it is rooted in the Word of God (not ourselves), it is willing to leave our old life behind, it understands its place in God’s bigger story, and glorifies God wherever it finds itself.