Fit For A King: The Hidden Glory of the Cross
Fit For A King: The hidden glory of the Cross - #1

This is the first message in the Fit For A King series and is based on Matthew 21.18-22.

He was a king… but never led an army. He was a king… but never ruled a land. He was a king… but never lived in a palace. He was a king… but never sat on a throne. So, what kind of king was Jesus? The kind with a power, wisdom, and purpose that the world could not comprehend. The kind whose glory was both hidden and revealed by the cross. Join us as we walk with Jesus during the last week of his earthly life and discover how the cross was truly fit for a King… and for us as well.

In this message, we see how Jesus revealed that faith is the true source of power for those who live in the Kingdom of God.  Faith pleases & glorifies God, sees beyond the circumstances of this world, and makes the impossible possible.