All In, with Kirk Crossing
Follow Me 3 (Mark 10.17-31)

In the third message of this series, we look at Jesus’ teaching regarding the true nature of goodness and the necessity to hold loosely to earthly wealth in order to follow him. A man rushed up to Jesus and asked him, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” The answer he received was not what he expected and also left Jesus’ disciples astonished.

Jesus masterfully showed that God alone is good and that no human being is capable of the good necessary for salvation – it’s impossible. But what is impossible for human beings is possible for God. Jesus also showed us that there is no material thing (including great wealth) that is more valuable than trusting in him and following him wherever he leads. In fact, whatever we leave behind is more than replaced as the Lord gives us new homes, family, and vocations.

In this message, we learn that self-denying, cross-bearing, Jesus-following faith knows the true Source of good, travels lightly, and has greater rewards than anything the world could offer.