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From Ruin To Redemption (1) – Ruth 1.1-5
The book of Ruth is set in a bad time which gives rise to a bad plan that, unsurprisingly, leads to a bad result.  In just the first five verses, we learn that an Israelite man moves his family from Bethlehem to Moab because of a famine.  Shortly after moving, the man (named Elimelech) dies.  His two sons marry Moabite women and after ten years they die as well.  Naomi, Elimelech’s wife, is left a widow in a foreign country with little to no hope for the future of her family line.
In this message we learn why the times in Israel were so bad, why moving to Moab was a bad plan, and why ‘ruin’ is the best word to describe the result.  By way of application for us, we learn that faith is always lived out in a fallen world, that there is always a spiritual aspect to every ‘real-life’ circumstance, and that before we can understand the Good News, we need to understand the bad news.
The story of Ruth is not only one that helps us understand how we are to live in bad times, it also helps us better understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.