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From Ruin To Redemption (3) – Ruth 2.1-23
As we continue the story, we find Ruth showing initiative in going out to the fields to glean in order to provide for Naomi and herself.  We’re given a glimmer of hope in that Naomi has a male relative of good standing named Boaz.  Ruth ‘just happens’ to find herself gleaning in Boaz’ field (a divine appointment, for sure) and the two meet.
Boaz extends great kindness to Ruth, having heard of her great kindness (hesed) to Naomi.  She’s able to gather enough grain to feed Naomi and herself for at least a couple of weeks and is able to continue gathering grain all throughout harvest time.
When Naomi learns whose field Ruth had been welcomed in, she is filled with joy because Boaz is a ‘redeemer’ for her family – one who is able to take legal actions which will provide for Naomi (and Ruth) as well as make sure that Elimelech’s name is not wiped out from Israel’s family history.  For the first time, there is real hope that ruin will not be the end fo the story.
As we look at this part of the story, we gain some valuable lessons.  First, we should look for the providence of God; though we plan, He is the one who ‘establishes our steps’ (Proverbs 16.9).  Next, we learn that we should imitate the kindness and generosity of God.  Both Ruth and Boaz serve as examples for how we, having been blessed by God ourselves, should bless others.  Finally, we learn that Jesus is our ‘kinsman’.  He became human so that he could live the perfect human life and, therefore, be able to provide atonement for our sin.