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From Ruin To Redemption (4) – Ruth 3.1-18
In this part of the story of Ruth, Naomi and Ruth undertake a bold plan for Ruth to propose marriage to Boaz.  It was risky since Boaz could have misinterpreted Ruth’s intentions in meeting with him under cover of darkness at the threshing floor (after he had gone to sleep!).  He did not, in fact, misinterpret her and responded positively to her proposal.  He blessed her for not pursuing other options for a husband and being committed to preserving the family name of her dead husband.  A potential obstacle arises, however, when it’s learned that Boaz, though a redeemer, is not first in the legal line of redeemers in this situation.
As we reflect on this part of the story, Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz continue to offer us valuable faith lessons.  First, they teach us that there is boldness in faith.  Biblical faith is not a ‘hopeless hope’ for weak-minded people.  It is confidence in the revealed character and power of God.  They also teach us that there is integrity in faith.  Like Boaz, we should not be people who take moral shortcuts.  It is important that we do the right thing the right way.  Finally, they teach us that there is waiting in faith.  After we’ve done all that we can do, sometimes the Lord has a us wait.  Waiting time is not wasting time, however.  In waiting on the Lord we learn humility, dependence, strength, and patience.