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From Ruin To Redemption (5) – Ruth 4.1-12
In this part of the story of Ruth, Boaz follows through and brings the ‘case’ of Naomi’s property (and Ruth’s future) to the ‘other redeemer’ to see what his decision will be.  It will be a ‘legal’ decision in that Boaz has arranged for the matter to be decided before a ‘court’ of elders.  Once again, we see God’s providence in guiding all the participants to exactly the place He has arranged.
While the other redeemer is willing to redeem Naomi’s property, he is unwilling to marry Ruth and provide heirs for Elimelech and Mahlon, leaving the door open for Boaz to become the ‘kinsman redeemer’.  With the matter settled, Boaz is free to redeem Naomi’s property and marry Ruth.  Boaz’ motivation is not selfish but, instead, is centered on his desire to extend ‘hesed’ (kindness, love, mercy) to Elimelech’s family and also to provide for Naomi and Ruth.
In terms of faith lessons for us today, first we see that people of faith are people of their word.  Boaz is true to his word to Ruth to present the case and seek resolution, even if he is not able to be the redeemer.
Second, we see that people of faith rely on other people of faith.  It mattered a great deal to Boaz what the elders and other people of Bethlehem thought about his plan to be the ‘kinsman redeemer’.  They blessed his decision and confirmed God’s leading in the matter.  We too, should rely on the perspective, input, and counsel of other brothers and sisters in Christ as we navigate life’s decisions and circumstances.
Finally, we are reminded that people of faith have Jesus as their Redeemer.  Like Boaz appeared in a ‘courtroom’ setting to fulfill the role of redeemer for Elimelech, Naomi, and Ruth, so Jesus appeared in God’s ‘courtroom’ on our behalf.  In being sacrificed for our sin, taking our guilt and God’s wrath upon himself, and giving his own righteousness to us, we are redeemed by faith in him.