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From Ruin To Redemption (6) – Ruth 4.13-22
In the final message of the series, we find a great wedding, a great birth, and a great legacy.  Boaz is finally able to marry Ruth; we’re not given any details but it certainly would have been a great celebration.  Ruth went from ‘foreigner’ to ‘servant’ to ‘wife’ – a remarkable transition in status and life situation.
The Lord enabled Ruth to conceive and a son was born.  The women of Jerusalem celebrated with Naomi that the Lord had provided a redeemer and had more than made up for her emptiness.  In addition, she had been blessed with a daughter-in-law (Ruth) who was more to her than “seven sons” (a great note of praise for Ruth’s character and actions).
Finally, the story of Ruth ends with describing a great legacy.  The genealogy at the end of the story reveals that this was not simply a story about two or three people, it was a story about how God was planning to bring redemption to the whole world.  As it turned out, Ruth and Boaz were in the family line of the future king of Israel: David.  We now know that they were also in the family line of Jesus.  Their faithfulness in their own time contributed to a much larger plan and blessing for many people.
Several lessons arise from the end of the book of Ruth.  First, we must learn to see God’s hand in all things.  Second, we must live out a faith that outlives us.  Finally, we should prepare for the ultimate wedding: the time when Jesus returns and takes his Church to be his bride.