Glory Days
Glory Days
Glory Days – 2 – Haggai 2.1-23

This is the second part of the Glory Days series based on the book of Haggai.  God raised up the prophet Haggai in order to confront His people who had failed to rebuild the temple after returning from their exile in Babylon.  The messages in chapter 2 of the book turn from challenge/confrontation to promise.  In this series we have noted that ‘glory days’ are not about some romanticized past.  Because of God’s presence, His promises, and His power, everyday is a ‘glory day’ and the best is yet to come.

It’s very easy to look at the world around us and become dejected or even disillusioned.  Is God really in control?  Why is there so much tension, anger, frustration, fear, and mistrust all around us (and even in us, at times)?  The prophet Haggai promises that every day with God’s presence, blessing, and order is a glory day; and we have those things every day!