All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Heaven Sent (1) – John 1.1-5
In the first message of the series, we learn that John’s ‘heaven sent’ story is a bit different from Matthew & Luke’s stories of Jesus coming to earth.  While they focus more on the historical events, John goes back before the creation of the world.
By starting his Gospel with “In the beginning,” John is letting us know that just like there was an initial creation of the world, God’s work through Jesus will amount to a re-creation.  Jesus is able to bring about this re-creation because he is the eternal Word of God.  The Word has both power to re-create and also the ability to reveal who God is so that we might know Him.
We also learn that the Word is the light of life, the One who is not only the source of life itself but also the One who defines and exemplifies it.  John makes an ominous statement when he says that, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  Though the Word is the Creator and source of life, the world (in its sinfulness) is in conflict with the Word.
As we enter into the Advent season and approach our celebration of Christmas, we must understand that, in Christ, heaven has sent us the ultimate revelation, the ultimate regeneration, and the ultimate renewal.  Because of what we celebrate at Christmas, we now know the fullness of who God has revealed himself to be, we have the gift of new life, and we are being remade into the image of our Creator.