All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Heaven Sent (2) – John 1.6-8
In the second message of the series, John, the writer of the fourth Gospel, mentions that God sent a man named John (John the Baptist) to be a witness to the light (a witness to who Jesus is).  While this may seem to be a rather mundane historical detail, it is actually quite significant.  John the Baptist played a critical role in the beginnings of Jesus’ ministry.  His own birth story is intertwined with the birth story of Jesus; his miraculous birth reminds us that he was, quite literally, born to be a witness.
In addition to helping us understand what a witness does, he shows us the character of a witness as well.  A witness testifies to what they have seen, heard, and what they know – testifying to the truth about who Jesus is.  A witness is also humble and selfless, putting the focus on Jesus and not themselves.
We, too, are witnesses and so we must understand what our witness looks like.  If we are going to be faithful witnesses we understand that we witness by our worship (who the gathered Church is by God’s design), our works (those things that we do which reflect God’s light in the world), and our words (our testimony regarding who Jesus is and what He has done).