All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Hello, My Name Is (#2) - Genesis 16

The next real person we meet in this series is Hagar.  Hagar was the Egyptian servant of Abraham’s wife, Sarah.  Since Sarah was unable to conceive a child, she implemented a plan for Hagar to bear a child for her and Abraham; the child they thought would fulfill God’s promise to give them an heir.  This was not God’s plan, however, and it created a great deal of confusion and pain.  So what connections are there between Hagar’s life and ours?

Like Hagar, we too live with circumstances that are far beyond our control but God reveals Himself to be in control nonetheless.  Like Hagar, we too can give in to pride and superiority so we must be on guard because this tendency always makes life more difficult.  Like Hagar, we sometimes experience times of great distress when things just seem overwhelming.  Like Hagar, we are the recipients of God’s promises and revelation.  Like Hagar we sometimes receive difficult assignments from the Lord.  And, like Hagar, we have received the deep, deep grace of God.