All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Hello, My Name Is (#4) - Joshua 4.1-9

The next person we meet in this series is Joshua.  Joshua had seen it all, from the Israelite’s miraculous crossing of the Red Sea through the years of desert wandering.  He was chosen by God to replace Moses as the leader of the people and was tasked with leading them into the promised land.  So what can this remarkable man teach us about living faithfully in our own time?

First, Joshua was willing to move forward, and so should we.  The Christian faith is a faith with a destination and the Lord is continually leading us there.  That means we are always needing to move forward, even if it’s in very small ways.  Second, Joshua teaches us that we don’t move forward in any old way we want to, we must move forward in the Lord’s way.  Just as the Lord parted the waters so His people could move forward, He still parts waters today and we must have faith that He will do so.  Finally, Joshua teaches us the importance of remembering.  We must always remember what the Lord has done in the past, otherwise we will take matters in the present into our own hands and diminish His glory.