All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Hello, My Name Is (#6) - 2 Kings 6.8-23

This week we’re introduced to Elisha, the Old Testament prophet who succeeded Elijah.  Elisha was a busy prophet in a tumultuous time.  His messages, miracles, and acts of mercy powerfully foreshadowed the ministry of Jesus.  Of all the things that characterized Elisha’s faith and ministry, the one that stands out most is his constant awareness of and connection with the supernatural. Elisha lived in this world but he shows us how important it is to be ‘other-worldly’.

This story in 2 Kings illustrates three important ways in which we can be ‘other-worldly’.  First, we must value other-worldly knowledge, specifically the knowledge that God has graciously give us in His written Word.  Second, we must see the unseen, meaning that we must always be aware that there is a world beyond the one we see which impacts what we do see; it’s the unseen world of God’s power and presence.  Finally, we must walk in other-worldly wisdom, not the wisdom that belongs to the fallen world.