All In, with Kirk Crossing
Hopes and Fears 3 (Luke 1.26-38)
In this week’s message we look at the hopes and fears of Mary, Jesus’ mother.  Mary is, perhaps, one of the most surprising people to be used by God and to become a hero of faith.  A very young woman in the first century from a very small village seems an unlikely candidate to play such a pivotal role in God’s plan of salvation.
When we consider Mary’s story, three words seem to capture the essence of her situation: insignificant, impossible, and instrumental.  By the world’s standards, Mary is an insignificant person but the Lord makes her highly significant by his grace.  In addition, the promise of the angel seems impossible from a human standpoint (and it is) but the Lord is able to do the impossible by his immeasurable power.  Lastly, it’s Mary’s faith that makes her instrumental in God’s plan.
Her story is important for us because our significance rests on God’s grace as well.  Also, the Lord’s great power is no less powerful today than it was long ago and God still does the impossible.  Finally, our faith is also a key to us being used by God in his ongoing plan.