All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
I AM (1) - John 1.1-18

I am.  Two very small words with immeasurable meaning.  ‘I Am’ is the name that God revealed to Moses when he appeared to him in the burning bush; the name he was to tell the Israelites when he went into Egypt to rescue them.  It is the name in Jewish history and theology reserved for God alone.  But it’s also the title Jesus claimed for himself (John 8.58).  John recorded seven ‘I Am’ statements of Jesus and in this series we’ll be looking at each of them to discover what Jesus was saying about himself and what it means for us as his people.

In the first message of this series, we look at some of the most important words ever written.  John begins his gospel by describing Jesus on the biggest possible stage.  He is the Word, the second member of the Trinity, who is the agent of all creation; he is God.  He is also the Light that has come into the dark world of sin.  Just as there was light at the first creation, this light brings new creation (new birth).  Finally, He became flesh; he entered into the world He created and became a human being.  Not only did he make God viewable, knowable, and more understandable, but he also knows exactly what we face.