All In, with Kirk Crossing
I AM (3) – John 8.12-20

I am the light of the world.  This bold statement of Jesus is packed with power and meaning for us.  Light and darkness are common themes in Scripture which contrast the fallen kingdom of the world with the righteous kingdom of God.  Sin has left us in a place of darkness but God has shined His light.  In this message, we note that light has four powerful effects.  First, light exposes darkness and sin.  When God’s light shines, it reveals the truth about our hearts and lives.  Second, light reveals.  When God light shines, it shows us things about himself and his plan that we couldn’t otherwise know.  Third, light gives us new life.  The light of the first creation has entered into that creation to save us.  Finally, light guides and directs.  Just as the Lord led the people of Israel by a pillar of fire through the wilderness, His Word guides and directs our lives today.