Lifeline: The Power And Promise Of Prayer
Lifeline: The Power And Promise Of Prayer
LIFELINE (7) – Romans 8.22-30

In Romans 8.22-30, Paul gives us three encouragements to never give up on prayer.  The first is that we always pray in hope.  The indwelling of the Holy Spirit causes us to look forward to the age to come when there is no longer any sin, sickness, pain, toil, or strife.  The Spirit reminds us that we are in Christ and that we have a profound hope for the future.  We don’t pray because we have no hope (as many people approach prayer) but because we know the hope we have!

The second encouragement is that we never pray alone.  The Spirit intercedes for us, taking our prayers and expressing them to the Father on our behalf and in a way that perfectly aligns with God’s will.

The third encouragement is that we pray with certainty, the certainty that though we may not understand what God is doing in the moment, He is always doing something good.  The good He’s doing is making us more like Jesus, the destiny for which we foreknew, predestined, called, justified, and glorified us.