Like Stars
Like Stars #5 – Confidence – Philippians 3.1-14

The theme of this week’s message is Confidence.  Paul wants the Philippians (and us!) to be confident that our salvation is based not on law keeping but only on faith.  By faith we receive God’s free gift of salvation which is based on the sacrificial, substitutionary death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection.  The gospel that Paul preached was not ‘Jesus plus something else’, as certain false teachers were trying to convince people.

In this passage, we learn that our confidence in salvation is based on what God has done (the finished, sacrificial death of Jesus), what God is doing (transforming us by His saving grace from what we were in Adam to what we are in Christ), and what God will do (bring us safely into His eternal kingdom, fulfilling all His promises).  We can confidently say that God has saved us, is saving us, and will save us.