Like Stars
Like Stars #7 – Concern – Philippians 4.10-23

In this final message of the series, we look at how Paul closes his letter to the Philippians.  The close of the letter is essentially Paul’s acknowledgement of the monetary gift he had received from the church.  He expresses joy in that the church had been able to renew their concern for him but also lets them know that, strictly speaking, he did not need the gift; he had learned to be content in any and all situations.  Yet, this part of the letter shows us that godly concern is an important aspect of shining like stars.  We learn that we shine when our supply becomes sufficient (when we learn contentment), we shine when our concern becomes contribution (when we turn concern into action), and we shine when our growth becomes glory (we do all things, ultimately, not for our own sake but for the glory of God).