All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Master Plan (8) – Ephesians 5.1-21
In Ephesians 5.1-21, Paul goes deeper into what our response to God’s grace in the Gospel looks like.  In this section of the letter, he reminds us that God has moral and ethical boundaries in which we must live.  The central image he uses to communicate his points is that of light vs. darkness.  God’s plan calls for us to walk fully in the light and leave darkness behind.
Darkness is characterized by things like sexual immorality, impurity, covetousness, vulgar speech, deception, and drunkenness.  While not an exhaustive list, it clearly portrays that sin is done in the body, in the spirit/will, and in our speech.
Paul is not content to simply point out what darkness and sin look like, he also teaches us what is required if we are going to walk in the light.  Walking in the light requires growing in gratitude, exercising discernment, gracious accountability, urgency in wisdom, knowledge of God’s moral will, and certainly the work of the Spirit.