Onward & Upward: The Wild & Wonder of Grace
Onward & Upward: The Wild & Wonder of Grace
Onward & Upward: The Wild & Wonder Of Grace - #4

Genesis 39.20b-40.23 – In this message we find that Joseph, though a prisoner himself, has risen to the position of overseer of the prison.  God’s favor and purpose for Joseph continue to be worked out as God moves him onward and upward in His plan.  While prison is not what Joseph wanted, we see that he remains faithful to the Lord and true to. his character.  His time in prison provides the opportunity to interpret dreams for two of Pharaoh’s servants who have been imprisoned and both dreams come true exactly as Joseph described.  Despite his plea to Pharaoh’s cupbearer that he bring Joseph’s case to the attention of Pharaoh, the cupbearer forgets Joseph and he will languish in prison for another two years.

This part of Joseph’s story reveals to us that there are times in our lives with the Lord where we must wait, but in the waiting remain faithful.  Especially during times of waiting, it’s important that we learn to treasure God’s presence, learn to lament in God’s silence (a posture and practice well documented in the Bible), and learn to be God’s witnesses.