Onward & Upward: The Wild & Wonder of Grace
Onward & Upward: The Wild & Wonder of Grace
Onward & Upward: The Wild & Wonder Of Grace – #7

Genesis 45.1-28 – In this message we ask the question, “How big is the story you are living in?”  For all the big things the Lord had done in Joseph’s life, none were as big as what He would do in reconnecting Joseph with his family.  Because of the position the Lord had put him in, second in charge of all of Egypt, Joseph has the opportunity to reconnect with his brothers who have been sent to Egypt to buy food.  Through a series of tests, Joseph determines that they are genuine, remorseful, and seem to live with integrity.  In an emotional scene, he reveals himself to them and a plan is made for the whole family to leave Canaan and move to Egypt where they will be taken care of.  This is the bigger story that the Lord had been writing and directing all along.  Through Joseph, the blessing promised to his ancestors would be preserved despite the famine.  Through Joseph, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would also find the place in which they would become a “great nation”.  Part of Joseph’s being led ‘onward & upward’ is that he recognized that his individual story, as great as it was, couldn’t compare to the bigger story into which God had woven him.

We, too, must realize that God has a bigger story into which we fit as well: the eternal story of His redemption.  God doesn’t fit into our stories, we fit into His.  We learn that God’s bigger story gives us a bigger perspective, bigger opportunity, and a bigger goal than we could ever imagine or undertake on our own.