Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You – 3 – Colossians 1.15-23

With the fall of humanity came the brokenness of shalom.  Who could possibly restore it?  Only God can do it but only a human being should do it (since we broke it in the first place).  What can be done?  The answer in the ‘big story’ of the Bible is not a ‘what’ but at ‘Who’.  As God led his people through what we call the Old Testament period, He provided prophets, priests, and kings who, as we now know, were types of the One who was to come.  Isaiah 9 says that this One will have the governance of all things on his shoulders, that he will be wise and mighty and everlasting, and that he will be called the “Prince of Shalom”.

We know him as Jesus and Paul, in Colossians 1.15-23, wants to show us why Jesus, unlike anyone who has ever lived, is uniquely qualified to save us and bring true shalom.  Paul teaches us that Jesus is Lord of creation, Jesus is Lord of the new creation, and Jesus is the Lord of our destiny.