Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You – 4 – Isaiah 57.14-21

In this message, our series on peace turns from what God has done to give us peace to what is required of us to live in and make peace.  In the Bible, there is a very close relationship between righteousness and peace.  Righteousness is not only the ‘status’ God has given us by faith in Jesus Christ (Christ’s righteousness has been imputed to us) but also the standard for our thoughts, words, and deeds; God expects us to live righteously.  If we are not pursuing righteousness, we should not expect to experience peace or to be able to share it with others.  Among the many titles and attributes that God possesses, being a God who disciplines is certainly one that we must acknowledge.  So, what can we do to keep the peace, especially when we fall short of God’s standards and sin against Him?

Isaiah 57.14-21 reveals that we must do three things.  First, we must humble our hearts.  God promises to dwell with those who don’t come before him with pride but with a humility that admits we have fallen short and need his grace.  Second, we must grieve over sin.  It should fill us with grief that our sin personally offends God and disrupts our relationship with him.  Finally, we must watch our steps.  There is no peace for the wicked, God says.