Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You – 7 – Psalm 72

This final message in the series focuses on the need for leadership, particularly just leadership, in order to see ‘shalom’ established.  Psalm 72 is a prayer that the king of Israel would be just that kind of leader.  It upholds God’s and Israel’s highest ideals for their leaders.  The bad news is that all earthly leaders fall short of this standard but the good news is that Jesus, our ultimate King, does not!

As we learn to ‘do’ peace, we learn that peacemakers understand that God has assigned each of us a sphere of authority in which we are to lead justly, we uphold God’s righteous standards in our sphere of influence, we watch out for the weakest and work for their protection and upbuilding, and we have high hopes for how the Lord will spread true shalom through us.