All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Spirit Of The Living God (1)

In the first message of this series we learn about the foundational ministry of the Holy Spirit.  The single most important thing that the Spirit does is to glorify and point people toward Jesus Christ.  The Spirit’s work includes a large number of other activities, but all of them support this foundational work.  But how does the Spirit go about glorifying and pointing people to Jesus?

First, the Spirit continues the ministry that Jesus started.  Jesus promised the Spirit as ‘another Advocate’ (another like Jesus himself) who would be sent once Jesus ascended into heaven.  Second, the Spirit shows people their need for Jesus.  He does this by convicting them regarding sin, true righteousness, and the reality of judgment.  Third, the Spirit reveals Jesus’ truth.  The first aspect of truth is the identity of Jesus himself (God’s Son & Savior of all who believe).  The second is all the truth that pertains to Jesus’ rule over His people.  Finally, the Spirit applies the work of Jesus to human hearts.  It is the Spirit who regenerates dead hearts (dead because of sin) and enables us to respond in faith.