All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Spirit Of The Living God (2)

In this second message of the series we learn why it’s so important that the Holy Spirit dwells in us (lives inside us).  Because the Spirit lives in us, several new realities come to light.

First, we have a new address.  The indwelling of God’s Spirit means that we no longer belong to the realm of the flesh (the fallen world) but to the realm of the Spirit where God is honored and obeyed.  Second, we have a new destiny.  The natural destiny of all human beings is death (both physical and spiritual) because of sin.  Because of Jesus’ saving work, the Spirit is the agent of both new spiritual life and resurrection life as well.  Third, we have a new obligation.  We are obliged to pursue His way and not the way of the fallen world; this is our response to His grace.  Finally, we have a new identity.  The indwelling Spirit is the Spirit of adoption whereby we have become children of God, full members of his household.