Thank You: Learning To Live With Gratitude
Thank You: Learning To Live With Gratitude
Thank You (3) – 1 Timothy 6.6-10

This message takes up the second enemy of gratitude: discontent.  What breeds that familiar sense of discontent that we all feel from time to time?  Three major things are living with the wrong identity (‘consumer’ vs. child of God), living by comparison (measuring ourselves by what we see in other people), and living with diminishing returns (the sad fact that every new thing becomes old and fails to give us the feeling it did when it was new).

What lessons can we learn to combat discontent?  First, we must understand that the most important part of who we are is Who’s we are (our true identity is as God’s child, one who will one day receive a wonderful inheritance).  Second, we must understand that comparison elevates the wrong standard (by comparing ourselves with others, we allow the world’s standards to be used instead of God’s).  Third, we need to remember that our life is an eternal life (whatever is happening right now is not the whole story).