All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Unstoppable 1 (Acts 13.4-12)
In the first message of this series we’re introduced to the main reasons as to why the Gospel has proven to be an unstoppable force, even though it has faced numerous obstacles. In the very first part of the Apostle Paul’s first missionary journey, it’s very clear that God’s mission is God-initiated, God-orchestrated, and God-empowered.
On the island of Cyprus, Paul and Barnabas encountered the first of three main obstacles to the Gospel. This obstacle might be called the ‘spiritual’ obstacle or the obstacle of the Enemy. As they shared the Word with the proconsul of the island, his sorcerer-advisor attempted to turn him from the Gospel by corrupting it through lies and deception.This obstacle is similar to Satan’s approach in the garden with Adam and Eve.
The original lie of Satan which plunged humanity into sin and rebellion against God now has thousands upon thousands of versions. Lies of identity, materiality, origins and destiny, pleasure, and self-rule pervade our world. As people who share the Gospel, however, we can have confidence that God is able to overcome these lies so that people may clearly see the glory of God in Christ.