All In, with Kirk Crossing
Unstoppable 4 (Andrew Brunson)
In the final message of this series, Pastor Andrew Brunson shares his story of imprisonment for his faith in which he was nearly broken but through which the Lord rebuilt him.  He teaches us three things that will help us build courage as we face resistance or even outright persecution for being followers of Christ.
First, we must develop a fear of God.  Whatever fear we might experience from worldly or demonic sources, we must recognize that our fear of the Lord should always be greater.
Second, we must develop an eternal perspective.  We must remember that whatever circumstance we face, it is not permanent.  Our earthly lives are only a very short prelude to eternal life.
Finally, we must develop a longing for heaven.  The world the Lord has promised, the one we truly long for, is coming.  The world in which we live now is not it.
As we grow in each of these things, we will find ourselves better able to stand in the midst of whatever resistance or persecution we may encounter for our faith.