Unto Us: Jesus And The Birth Of Hope
Unto Us: Jesus And The Birth Of Hope
Unto Us (1) - Isaiah 9.1-7

Every human being lives with hope. It seems as natural and necessary as breathing. But hope in what? The story of Advent is the world’s greatest hope because it meets the world’s greatest need.  During Advent we are reminded that our ultimate hope is not in things or ideas or accomplishments. Our hope is a Person, and His name is Jesus.

In this message we learn that there is hope in His promise, that is the promise of his arrival on earth.  As part of that promise, the Lord said He would turn darkness into light, defeat into victory, and chaos into order.  This promise remains important on this side of Advent and the cross because we still live with the promise that He will return again and that darkness, defeat, and chaos will finally be a thing of the past.