All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
You Are Here 4 (Psalm 95)

The next location on Kirk Crossing’s faith map is found in the ‘In Community’ region: it is Worship. While worship is a whole-life offering of one’s self to the Lord (Romans 12.1), the worship gathering of the Church is central to its identity, witness, pattern of life, and also offers a glimpse of eternity. Worship is not optional.

Psalm 95 teaches us that worship is an active time of honoring the Lord which involves our whole selves, body and spirit. Further, it reminds us that we worship the Lord because He is above, before, with, and for us. Finally, to neglect worship is dangerous spiritually and relationally.

Worship must never be something we neglect or approach casually. What is your next step in being a better worshiper?