All In, with Kirk Crossing
You Are Here 6 (Acts 4.32-37)
In this week’s message, we visit the sixth location on Kirk Crossing’s ‘faith map’: Contribute.  Ministry, fellowship, care, mission, etc. don’t just happen.  They are the result of the many ways the Lord calls His people to contribute to the life of the church.  The early church was an example of ‘practical unity’, generosity, service, and ministry, things that were supernaturally enabled and also highly noticeable to the people around them.
At Kirk Crossing, there are four main ways in which we all contribute.  First, we contribute our time.  Time has become one of our most valuable commodities and we sometimes value it more than money.  Relationships and ministry, however, take time.  There’s no way around it so we must be examining our hearts and schedules to see what contributions we can make.
Second, we contribute our service.  Though it’s true that each of us are part of the ‘priesthood of all believers’, we are all also sanitation workers in the Kingdom.  There are often tasks that just need to be done.  There are often gaps that need to be filled.  No matter our title, we must contribute by serving after the example of Jesus who, though he was God, humbled himself and took on the nature of a servant (Philippians 2).
Third, we contribute our resources.  There are three ways we give financially to the Lord’s works.  First, there is regular giving.  This is a regular pattern of giving in which we take a portion of what we receive from the Lord and pass it along for His work.  Second, there are ‘offerings’.  These are occasional financial gifts in response to some blessing or work of God in our lives.  Third, there are ‘special gifts’.  These are financial gifts given to help need a special need which has arisen or to complete a special project.  In all of these, we are encouraged to give generously.
Fourth, we contribute our gifts and skills.  The Lord has given spiritual gifts to his people to be used to build up the Body of Christ.  As we use those gifts, the Spirit works through us in ways we couldn’t work on our own.
As you reflect on these ways to contribute, what next steps is the Lord laying on your heart?