All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
You Are Here 7 (Genesis 12.1-3)

In this week’s message, we begin the ‘In The World’ part of Kirk Crossing’s faith map. The story of the Bible reveals that the Lord is on a mission; a mission to make Himself known, call and redeem His people, and be with them forever. The Church (of which Kirk Crossing is a small part) is both the result of this mission and also the human agency of this mission. In other words, because the Lord is on mission, we are on mission too. At Kirk Crossing, we think of our engagement in the Lord’s mission in three aspects: Know, Go, and Show.

This message focuses on our need to know as much as we can about the Lord’s mission, including the world-wide spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The promises that the Lord made to Abraham in Genesis 12 offer us a window into His character, purpose, and intent in bringing His blessing to the world. The ultimate expression of that blessing is eternal salvation in Christ.

Practically speaking, at Kirk Crossing we all must grow in our understanding of the God of the Gospel, the full extent of God’s mission, the work and needs of our mission partners locally and internationally, and also how to engage the world/culture around us.