All In, with Kirk Crossing
All In, with Kirk Crossing
Your Will Be Done 3 (Hebrews 11.1-16)

In this third message of the series, we learn that ‘Faith Is God’s Will’.  Faith is a huge topic in the Bible but a helpful way of thinking about it is that faith is both belief in God and what He’s done and also ongoing trust in God.  Trust is where faith goes from being an internal, spiritual reality to being a ‘lived’ reality.

Hebrew 11 helps us see the dynamic nature of faith.  Faith sees the invisible, is at the heart of righteousness, pleases God, marks us as different from the world, rests everything on God’s promises, and seeks more than what this world can give.

So, why is faith ALWAYS God’s will?  First, by faith we look past the ‘what’ to the ‘Who’.  God wants us to focus more on who He is in the midst of our life circumstances than the circumstances themselves.  Second, by faith we learn to wait.  Waiting on the Lord is often that time when God does his will IN us before he reveals his direction TO us.  Finally, by faith we keep an eternal perspective.  We remember that this world cannot satisfy our deepest desires, longings, or hopes; only the world to come can do that.  God never promises us all the best that this world can offer, He promises to give us the best world – the world of heaven which is coming.