Spirit Of The Living God

Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?

These are important questions because, for some, the Holy Spirit is deeply mysterious and maybe even unknowable; though His work is evident, He operates behind the scenes and quietly carries out His work to glorify the Father and Son. For others, the Holy Spirit is front and center in their thinking and experience; able to be called upon and experienced in powerful ways.

It’s important that we understand the work of the Spirit so we avoid two dangers. The first danger is to ignore or forget the Spirit. Doing so dishonors God and imperils us spiritually. The second danger is to think that we somehow control the Spirit and ‘use’ Him according to our own needs (well-intentioned or otherwise). Again, doing so dishonors God and imperils us spiritually.

Join us as we open God’s Word and discover the amazing work of the Spirit, understand His presence and power, and learn to walk in step with Him.